Why sustainability matters and how we do it

Why sustainability matters to Olive Life Olive Leaf Extract (and how we achieve it)

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Olive Life™ to help people live happier, healthier lives in a more environmentally balanced world. And how we make our popular Olive Leaf Extract is no exception.

Despite having more than 850,000 olive trees over 245 hectares of farmland in South East Queensland, Australia, every part of Olive Life™ process of creating Olive Leaf Extract has been carefully developed, not just to minimise our impact on the environment, but to try to give something back too.

As you’d expect, creating and managing our Olive Leaf Extract involves a few different steps before it finally ends up in your hands. Some of these include propagating and planting trees, growing, harvesting, and manufacturing. All of this happens independently on our grove, supported only by the raw skills and knowledge of our dedicated team.

Regenerating olive trees on home soil

Right from the beginning, Olive Life™ has successfully expanded its olive tree groves from tiny cuttings grown in a special temperature and humidity-controlled environment. These conditions are exactly what encourages root growth – a process that can take between three and four weeks. After a few months, these cuttings are ready to be planted as young olive trees.

This meticulously planned and effective process of olive tree regeneration has enabled Olive Life™ to stay self-reliant, growing hundreds of thousands of new olive trees in only a few years.

Naturally maintaining excellent tree and soil health

Unsurprisingly, excellent tree and soil health are vital to all our farm management practices ensuring we make the highest quality olive leaf extract. This is why we invest heavily in protecting our trees by developing integrated pest management programs and making sure our trees are provided with all their nutrient requirements.

To minimise waste and promote healthy growth, all our olive leaves are spread back under the trees as mulch once they’ve been harvested and passed through the extraction process. By doing this, we can ensure that all the remaining goodness that doesn’t get extracted makes its way back to the tree.

Using ‘good bugs’ to fight off the pests

Olive Life's™ vita’s vast olive leaf groves also make great use of natural ecosystems to ensure leaves stay healthy and pest free without impacting the environment. Essentially, our goal is to only use ‘good bugs’ to fight off the harmful bugs by carefully and responsibly building up the population of beneficial ladybirds and lacewing right across the farm.

Every part of Olive Life™ sustainable process of making olive leaf extract is kept as close to nature as possible. Unlike other brands, there are no dry leaves added to the extraction process and our extract is free from sugars, preservatives, and alcohol. Find out more about how you could help improve your health with the natural goodness of Olive Life's™ Olive Leaf Extract here.

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