What’s the best daily dose of olive leaf extract?

A recent study shows that a daily dose of high quality olive leaf extract containing 136mg oleuropein daily can help reduce risk factors associated with an increased lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease.


Olive Lifeᵀᴹ has been scientifically formulated to provide a standardised 136mg of oleuropein in each daily dose of olive leaf extract to support heart health and general wellbeing.


One of the questions we’re often asked is why Olive Lifeᵀᴹ Olive Leaf Extract is formulated to provide a daily dose of 136mg oleuropein, rather than a lower dose like most other brands. The answer gets a little scientific, yet it could be life-changing, so read on...

The key reason is that clin ical research shows that olive leaf extract standardised to contain 136mg oleuropein is effective at supporting cardiovascular health. It helps support healthy blood pressure which reduces the lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease such as stroke and heart attacks.¹

The pivotal clinical trial was a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial conducted to investigate the effects of olive leaf extract containing 136 mg oleuropein on blood pressure and a number of associated cardiovascular and metabolic measures including cholesterol levels, blood lipids and inflammatory markers. The study, which used Olive Lifeᵀᴹ (Comvita) Olive Leaf Extract was conducted by Dr Stacey Lockyer, Professor Ian Rowland and other researchers from the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, at the University of Reading, UK, The School of Food and Nutrition, at Massey University in New Zealand and the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia.

In this study a total of 60 people with moderately high blood pressure took either olive leaf extract containing 136mg oleuropein – or a placebo control – daily for six weeks before switching to the alternate treatment after a 4 week washout (stand-down period) between treatments.  

The results: a demonstrable change in cardiovascular disease risk factors

The results were ground-breaking, showing that olive leaf extract standardised to contain 136 mg oleuropein improved systolic and diastolic blood pressure and other important risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The results were so good that the results from the clinical trial was accepted and published in the prestigious peer-reviewed scientific journal The European Journal of Nutrition.


But what does this mean in real terms?


The authors of the clinical trial concluded that the magnitude of the improvements seen in the study “suggest that regular OLE intake may be associated with a 9–14 % reduction in coronary heart disease risk and a 20–22.5 % reduction in risk of stroke and heart attack”¹

This daily dose of 136mg oleuropein has the same level of oleuropein as was given to study participants in the trial. Meaning you can be confident that the health giving properties of Olive Lifeᵀᴹ are grounded in high quality science.  


As these numbers show, high-strength olive leaf extract can help to reduce the lifetime risk of heart disease, including strokes and heart attacks.


Natural cardiovascular support backed by scientific evidence


Many other studies and research papers from around the globe confirm that olive leaf extract may help to improve metabolic health markers than can reduce lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death globally2, including:

  • blood pressure
  • vascular function
  • cholesterol and blood lipids.³,⁴


Research also shows that olive leaf extract helps to redcue LDL (bad) cholesterol, which can help improve blood flow and blood pressure, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.³,⁴

In a separate clinical trial results showed that olive leaf extract may also help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity, one of the biggest risk factors for diabetes.⁵

Olive Lifeᵀᴹ (Comvita) provided the high-strength olive leaf extract used in these clinical trials – once again, demonstrating the benefits of its health giving power! 

How many doses of olive leaf extract should I take a day?


All it takes is two Olive Lifeᵀᴹ capsules a day (or one 25ml dose of our liquid) to start enjoying the natural cardiovascular health and antioxidant properties of our olive leaf extract. We standardise our freshly pickedᵀᴹ olive leaf extract to ensure that we provide a guaranteed level of oleuropein and other olive polyphenols in every dose.

This means that every capsule or 25mg spoonful contains a super-charged dose of 136mg of oleuropein, as well as other natural flavonoids and polyphenols found within fresh olive leaves to support cardiovascular health and general wellbeing.³⁻⁹

As the research outline above shows, it’s the natural way to support your cardiovascular health – which always feels good.  


Note: The contents of this blog are for educational purposes and are not intended to offer personal medical advice. You should seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider if you have any questions regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it because of something you have read on this website. 


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