The health benefits of Comvita Olive Leaf Extract

Although clinical tests show that antioxidant polyphenols can be found in a wide variety of foods and beverages, laboratory testing by the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education & Research (ACCMER) found that Olive Leaf Extract has “an antioxidant capacity 400 per cent higher than Vitamin C and almost double that of green tea or grape seed extract.”

Antioxidants are important for all-round health because they can help protect your body’s cells from damage that’s caused naturally as a by-product of the body’s metabolism, by consuming alcohol and fried foods or by exposure to chemicals, UV radiation, cigarette smoke and environmental pollution.

Collectively these damaging particles are known as ‘free-radicals’ and although making healthy choices can reduce exposure to some forms of them, the reality is that for many of us, a busy, modern lifestyle can make our bodies vulnerable to unnecessary cell damage.

Even with care it’s impossible to prevent cell damage altogether, particularly as you get older. A varied diet that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, herbs and spices can help support your health, but as a naturally rich source of Oleuropein antioxidants, Olive Leaf Extract can supplement and complement your diet to help you tackle free radicals consistently.

At Olive Life™ we grow, harvest and process the freshest olive leaves ourselves every day and no artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives are used in any of our Olive Leaf Extract liquids.

For adults, pure Olive Life™ Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract is available in liquid or capsule form which is harvested from our groves in Queensland and contains a powerful blend of Oleuropein and at least eleven other naturally occurring antioxidant polyphenols to help maintain a strong and healthy immune and cardiovascular system.

To enjoy the many health benefits of Olive Leaf Extract, explore our range in our online store.



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