The Best Olive Leaf Extract Is Olive Life™ Olive Leaf Extract


At Olive Life™ we ensure that only the highest quality grove management techniques are used to produce the best fresh Olive Leaf Extract. Our purpose built olive farm is located in Queensland, Australia. The land on the olive grove is naturally rich in volcanic soils, and we use only organic fertilizer, and artesian bore water, to grow strong healthy olive trees.


To ensure the best olive leaf extract is produced, only the freshest, healthiest olive leaves are selected for harvesting. Every day at sunrise, Olive Life™ workers harvest the olive groves and select only the freshest, healthiest leaves for processing.


Processing and Supply

Freshly picked olive leaves are taken to our on-site proprietary extraction facility where a gentle process ensures that vital active compounds such as Oleuropein are kept alive. We then standardises the fresh Olive Leaf Extract to ensure that we provide the consistent olive leaf extract with Oleuropein consistent in every dose.


For the best olive leaf extract, choose a product that from source to shelf, guarantees the quality of every drop of olive leaf extract. Choose Olive Life™ Fresh-Picked™ Olive Leaf Extract. 



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