How olive leaf antioxidants could boost your immunity this winter

Our bodies are in a constant battle with many common illnesses – such as the cold and flu virus – which come back every single year in a new mutated form to challenge our immune systems.

And there’s no real mystery around why this happens either. As we resort to warmer and more confined spaces during the winter months, these common illnesses find the perfect place to easily pass from one person to another.

Immune health is key to fighting off infection

There’s not always much you can do to completely avoid the risk of illness, but the state of your immune system can determine how frequently you get sick, how quickly you get rid of an infection, and the severity of your symptoms. This is because a stronger immune system is better at recognising harmful microbes in your body and fighting them off before they multiply and take over⁽¹⁾.

So, it’s essential to do everything you can to support a healthy and efficient immune system. Olive leaf extract has been traditionally used in Western herbal medicine for its immune system supportive qualities.

Neutralising oxidative stress

The polyphenols found in olive leaf extract are also known as antioxidants. Antioxidants are said to be important for reducing the risk of free radical damage in the body. Free radicals can build up in our bodies as a result of exposure to sun, smoke and air and water pollution(2); and create oxidative stress.

According to studies, the overabundance of free radicals – which damages DNA and other cells – is a major contributing factor to dysregulation of the immune system which can cause disease and illness⁽³⁻⁴⁾.

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